Terrorism and terrorists can only exist in the world if they can convince others of their cause.  In most cases the cause to which they are committed is the complete domination of a nation and a people. They convince others that their cause is just and right first by fear and coercion.  This fear is perpetrated by making the population believe, and in most cases rightfully so, that they will die if they do not convert and accept the cause.  But fear can only control a population so long.  After a time, the people become tired of being afraid and start to fight back.  The terrorists have recognized this and also indoctrinate the young into their cause.  They do this by methods similar to the recruitment of gang members here in the United States They identify those youth who are troubled, weak or have poor family life.  They identify their needs and begin to provide for them.  At the same time they begin to speak with them and educate them according to the terrorist beliefs.  Because they have become the youth’s friends and provided for their needs the youth are more open to their teachings.  This is one of the many ways that Islamic radicals have used to brainwash the youth.  Islam also uses the family life, education, religion and political indoctrination to convert the youth to their beliefs, however radical they may seem to us.

Family life is an important tool of the indoctrination of the youth used by radicals. They insure that they use all facets of family life to assist in their cause.  If a family owns a television, they are bombarded daily with the message that the radicals preach.  For example, Palestinian children are now watching a look a-like Mickey Mouse on the television show called Tomorrows Pioneers.  The main character, Paffer, leads children into drills which teach them how to throw grenades and how to fire guns.  (Islamic Indoctrination 2008) stated “...every opportunity to indoctrinate young viewers with teachings Islamic supremacy, hatred of Israel and the U.S., and support of “resistance”. The children are continuously attacked with messages of terrorism throughout these kinds of shows. Kids are trained to want death as a desire for their nation and the will of Allah.  They are so exposed to death and to the desire to kill that it does not disturb them.  According to (Yoism n.d.) a young child crying stated, “But I march quickly towards my death…”It is as if it were daily living to them.  Being so innocent in mind and not knowing the truth behind it all, they easily fall into this manipulation.  Not only are the children affected, but the family to.  They follow beliefs which are preached by the church and the word of Allah which is to protect their nation.  Parents willingly send their children off to be suicide bombers and take part in these horrific acts.  One parent stated, “If I had twenty children, I’d send them all off to Israel to blow themselves up and kill some Israelis (Landau 2007).”  These parents feel like they have no choice because according to Islam, martyrs are not to be mourned but to be glorified.  Family members are manipulated by gifts and offerings of many Islamic organizations in exchange for their children’s life, such as the government themselves, the Islamic counsel, and other terrorist funded organizations.  In many cases families gain up to 25 million dollars for their children’s life.  This payment seems normal to them as they themselves have been indoctrinated into the terrorist beliefs.  Though they may be, in other words, “rewarded” for the child’s involvement in the bettering of Islam, according to (Landau 2007) “Under pressure, many families may express pride in their child’s martyrdom, but this is hardly what they feel."

Education its self offers a fertile arena for the radicalization of Muslim use. Under the guides of teaching the basic school lessons during classes, the teachers, who are involved in this radicalization are able to intertwine the message of hate towards the United States in all aspects.  An example of this brainwash technique is during history classes, were the teachers are able to selectively teach those parts of their history were Muslims are reflected as he victims and Israelis as the violators.  By constantly ingraining this thought of Muslims versus Jews into the minds of the youth, they lay the ground work for then teaching retaliation against the Jews.  This same type of indoctrination was used by Adolf Hitler during his extermination of the Jews.  According to (Balles 2009) “Hitler perfected an understanding of the “Big Lie” technique of propaganda based on the principle that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses”.  Religion and religious education its self also gives ample opportunity to continue the constant manipulation of students psyche. They search for those poor souls that feel helpless, shame, and humiliation.  They first give the children a sense of security to begin their mind work. Once they have the “victims” right were they want them, they begin to instruct them in the principles of the religion.  In this case, the principle of the religion is hate against a specific country and group of people and the establishment of a pure Islamic state. Radical religious organizations use established tactics to ensure fear based obedience to stated doctrines.  They used fear mongering tactics, intense opposition to the truth of the universe and intentional lies to enforce obedience.

            Political Indoctrination is the next step used to brainwash the minds of the youth. As the population grows older the change between indoctrination by education and family to political pressure occurs. The single party government takes over the role of educator, family beliefs, and religious leaders.  It plays upon the religious indoctrination you have received and ensures that the government’s message always shows that if you do not believe the government then Allah will be displeased.  The government also plays upon the hatred sown in each citizen during his childhood indoctrination and education indoctrination.  The political party then weaves a threat in its message that if the citizen does not follow the dictates set within the political circle and supported by Allah, evil will befall that person and no one will help them. This is exemplified in the Islamic Commentary on the State of the Muslim Ummah: “Jews will never be pleased with you, nor the Christians, unless you follow their faith.  Say, “Indeed guidance from Allah alone is the true guidance.”  And if you were to follow their evil desires after the knowledge you have been given, you will find neither a guardian nor any helper to protect you from Allah (Political Indoctrination 2010).”   Indeed, political indoctrination is best described as a “mechanism by which the public opinion is created (Political Indoctrination 2010).”   These lessons of indoctrination have survived over time. In Nazi Germany if you were a good German and hated the Jews and worked for the government you were rewarded. You were given special rights, extra rations and access to restricted areas. In china today those people that obey the single party government are also rewarded. If you have one child that child is given the best school and one is rewarded other luxuries. If you decide to go against the government dictates by having more than one child than your family and the children suffer. This type of political indoctrination is true of the radical indoctrination of children today.  The methods used are similar to those used by the Chinese and the Nazis.  If the children obey what the one party government dictates they or their families are rewarded both here and in the afterlife. For example, if they agree to blow themselves up at the request of the government they are told they will earn a place in heaven and their families are rewarded after they are dead. It is important the family’s reward is visible to all because that is part of the political brainwashing used by those in power A child blows himself up at the request of the government and the public sees that the family is rewarded, another son or daughter who also wants to take care of their family will agree to blow themselves up.  This political indoctrination is one of the soft methods.  If this type of indoctrination is not successful in getting the citizens to obey the government, then fear methods can be applied and after that punitive methods.  These indoctrinating methods are “ways the system or government tries to convince or trick the people, or youth, into believing in its way of life (Political Indoctrination 2010).”   That government or political party that wants to continue to hold onto their youth’s minds does not hesitate to use whatever method best suits their purpose.  

 As history has shown us, the radicalization of the youth has been one of the most successful methods used to promote terrorism or a single party cause. The indoctrination of the youth by radical Muslims is no different. As foreign as their methods are to the American public, the Muslim youth is subjected to a constant barrage of hate and death from the time they are born till the time they are old enough to spew the same radial rhetoric. This cycle of hate through generations will need to be broken in order to deprogram the Muslim youth from the brainwashing techniques they have been subjected to their whole lives.





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